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Do you think Stephen King’s Clown is scary?

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Would anyone buy a piece of equipment for public works without first getting the advice of someone who really knows equipment? Our guess is, they wouldn’t! So, why would anyone want to hire someone without an expert opinion?

A bad hire can cost 5-10 times one year’s salary (often thousands of dollars more). In most cases that’s lots more than the cost of a piece of equipment.

Now that’s scary.

Most job candidates can put on a pretty good show for an interview, but I advise potential clients: “You should be careful not to hire the best salesperson … unless, of course you are actually hiring a salesperson.”

Put another way, would you propose marriage based on one great date and a very nice letter from your partner’s Mum?

A bad hire can really mess with a municipality, and it can reflect badly on EVERYBODY in the organization … even the politicians … or, should I say, ESPECIALLY the Mayor and Council!

Today is unlike almost any other time in history. There is an extreme shortage of TOP TALENT people available. It’s as a result of the retiring Baby Boomers. They are jumping ship at an unprecedented rate … 1000 a day turn 65 … 30,000 every month and 360,000 every year! And this is going to continue for another 12 years!

Having a plan for hiring and hiring the right recruiter will give you the best chance of success.

No matter how you plan to go about hiring, here are some helpful thoughts:

Before you begin your search, you will want to define the attributes for success that you’ll need in this role. For instance, what are the essential attitudes, skills and abilities you are looking for in the ‘right’ candidate?

To make things easier, we have developed a selection tool. When we do the search, we put all candidates through our proprietary A.S.K Selection ™ Questionnaire. The customized questionnaire examines, in depth, what a candidate has to offer you.

Have you ever thought about ‘FIT’? How will this new hire ’FIT’ with other members of staff?

Not long ago, one of our newer clients complained that, before they came to us, they had gone to a lot of trouble to make certain they were hiring the person they believed was best for the job. They found the best-educated, most highly-skilled, qualified and capable person … only to have the new hire fail miserably! “He was a great guy,” they explained, “he just didn’t fit!”

What selection tools do you have? Ravenhill goes to great lengths to test for ‘FIT’. We begin each search with a customized CCQ ™ Corporate Culture Questionnaire. It’s a brief but impactful questionnaire that guides us in identifying ‘FIT’. The results will help everyone gain a better understanding of the corporate culture of your municipality.

Clients are constantly amazed at the results they achieve with Ravenhill Group’s corporate culture ‘FIT’ and A.S.K Selection ™ CCQ ™ assessment tools.

One of the most peculiar things I see is people who retire from municipal work and then decide that they are going to become consultants. It’s their ‘retirement plan’!

So, they hang out their shingle as a “Recruiter” and attempt to do something for others that they had a lot of difficulty doing for themselves!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have never been a CAO, and could never do what they do. A good CAO’s skill as a communicator their ability to lead people – those are great skills and I admire them.

Doing it yourself, or even using an outside agency that talks a big story, but can’t really do anything for you, can waste a lot of time! Stop and think about what that wasted time costs you?

Some municipalities invite us to work with them on recruiting “The Ravenhill Way”. We help them to avoid hiring mistakes, and they appreciate having a proven, repeatable system for all new hires… it’s not nearly as scary as the do-it-yourself approach.

Other municipalities won’t have read this far … they’ll admire the picture!

It’s never too late, as they say… so, call Ravenhill today!

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