• Bruce Malcom

Getting the most from your team might mean seeing them less. 

The concept of a 4 day work week isn’t a new one by any means, it’s been floating around for the past several years.

Yet the fact that groups like Microsoft are seeing a 40% increase in productivity as a result of it’s implementation is causing people to take it more seriously.

Originally brought into the public eye by Andrew Barnes, and the Perpetual Guardian, the goal is a more balanced work / life model that allows for employees to find their time at work spend doing work, and the reward is an extra day to do the things that work might otherwise “ get in the way of”.

The salary stays the same, the hours move from 37.5 over 5 days to the same amount over 4, and then the 5th day is theirs to do with as they please. Perhaps you take your child to the Zoo, or get your license renewed, do your grocery shopping in the daylight, whatever the goals the reality is that now your Saturday and Sunday are all yours.

And in the attached Fast company article , the concept even sees a stronger reason for the value added approach of a 4 day week, in that is might just “remove many of the obstacles that have historically prevented women from ascending to senior levels of business and governance in the same manner as men. “

What would you do with an extra day a week that was all your own?



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