• Bruce Malcom

What Is Ethics?

What is Ethics? A boy came home from school one afternoon and announced that his teacher wanted everyone in the class to write an essay on ethics. "What is 'ethics', dad?" he asked.  The father thought for a moment, then replied, "You know that your Uncle Murray and I own a clothing store, right?" The son nodded, and the father continued. "Well, suppose Uncle Murray goes out for lunch and, while he is out, a man comes into the store and buys a sports jacket for fifty dollars. After the man leaves, I realize that there are actually two fifty-dollar bills stuck together. Ethics would be, should I split the extra fifty with your Uncle Murray?" It's a funny story, but for today's municipal leaders, ethics is no laughing matter. Whether politicians or employees, they are all held personally accountable for what they do and the things they say about their organizations. Today, as never before, we can all expect to be held to a higher standard of professional ethics. What ethical principles guide you?📷

At Ravenhill Smith, we are committed to helping you 'do it right'  and ethically...if you need some help building your organization call us today. 1-888-447-5910 ext. 727

We  often explain to prospective clients that we are Ethical Head Hunters™​, which means that we are actively searching for the best people, always keeping in mind that we are representing you. It also means that we seek to deal fairly, respectfully and honestly with all candidates.


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